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appSolute Knowledge

Looking to be the company knowledge hero? 

appSolutions will soon be launching a new program - appSolute Knowledge - a platform of online courses to help students gain new knowledge on exciting technical topics such as: 

  • Docker and containerization

  • OpenEdge tools and technologies

  • Rancher and Kubernetes 

  • Code development and analysis

  • Source code management

  • Roundtable Automation

  • Secureable 

We will regularly be adding lots of new content as we and our partners build new courses on topics we are first-hand experts at - or know people who the right experts to help us build content that is of value to you. 

Courses are available now for pre-order, which we will also use to gauge interest in the various courses to determine which ones to release first.  

Contact us for more information if there are questions or suggestions for content that is not already listed. 

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