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Roundtable Automation


Automation, CI/CD and Devops enablement of Roundtable TSMS.

Roundtable Automation is an add-on product for Roundtable TSMS. Roundtable Automation gives customers access to a set of secure REST based APIs that can be used to automate processes in Roundtable TSMS and to build new custom workflows.

Roundtable Automation can be used from any tools that can make calls to REST APIs such as Jenkins and cURL as well as from OpenEdge code.

Roundtable Automation is an advanced companion product to the popular Roundtable TSMS, Software Configuration Management system from our partner Roundtable Software.

REST APIs for automating all things Roundtable and more...

The Roundtable Automation REST APIs can be integrated into the workflow functionality and also available for external integration with other toolsets.

The automation APIs make it possible to perform core RTB functions such as:

  • Workspace compiles

  • Creating releases

  • Working with tasks

  • Workspace Imports

  • Making Deployments

  • Workspace Integrity checks

  • Custom Automation SDK processes

Roundtable Automation can be used with REST capable command line tools (like CURl) and CI/CD tools like Jenkins.


We deliver a set of standard Jenkins pipelines for customers to get started with using Jenkins and Roundtable Automation together. All of the Jenkins pipelines are available as Groovy source code for easy adoption, customization and enhancement by customers. 

Secureable - enhanced security out of the box 

For advanced security Roundtable Automation includes a licensed copy of Secureable, built by our technology partner nodeable limited.


Secureable is a gateway for multiple authentication gateways (e.g. Active Directory, office365/Azure AD, AWS, Google, OIDC sources and much more) and a secrets and token management API driven application.


Using Secureable Roundtable Automation and Roundtable TSMS can very easily be integrated with external authentication sources for higher levels of security and re-use of the existing security infrastructures. The standard Jenkins pipelines and PASOE backend for Roundtable Automation make use of the security model provided by Secureable to provide secure access to all parts of the automation platform.


Secureable is also delivered as a set of Docker containers and is installed alongside the Roundtable Automation container stack.


Roundtable Automation includes a special license for Secureable that can be used for all processed related to RTB Automation and Roundtable TSMS. Customer interested in extending the use of Secureable beyond Roundtable Automation should contact nodeable limited for licensing details.

Extensible with custom coding SDKs

Out of the box, there are a number of pre-defined processes to cover existing Roundtable TSMS processes. These include compiles, creating releases, imports and deployments.

Included is an advanced Roundtable Automation ABL SDK that wrappers all of the Roundtable TSMS APIs and Proxies (and more) that can be used to build custom processes. These can then be executed with REST calls from a generic custom automation API.

Also included is a Roundtable Customization SDK, which can be used for enhancing Roundtable TSMS event handlers and for integrating Roundtable TSMS with external tools like Roundtable Automation or other systems like JIRA. 

Easy to install and update

Roundtable Automation is available as Docker container stack (Docker Compose or Kubernetes) with documentation for installation setup and use, as well as sample implementations from command line scripts and Jenkins pipelines.

Introducing Baselines: Roundtable & Git hybrid environment support

With the introduction of baselines, using Roundtable Automation it is possible to seamlessly integrate Roundtable TSMS with a remote Git repository. This makes it possible to replicate changes made in Roundtable releases and deployments to git - making it possible to use git based tools for builds processing, code reviews, branching and much more.

Secureable from nodeable

Roundtable Automation is now available from appSolutions

Contact your representative from Roundtable Software Sales ( or appSolutions Sales directly for more details!

We would love to give you a demo and explain how Roundtable Automation can make your use of Roundtable TSMS easier, faster and better!

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