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Business Consulting
& Services

DevOps & DevOps Management, AutomationContainerizationChange Management, Software Configuration Management and Deployment Processing are amongst our key IT and Software expertise areas.

appSolutions has many years experience in assisting clients in implementing and supporting these quality related aspects of enterprise software lifecycles.

We also provide technical support for direct customers and partner customers. 

Our Services

appSolutions provides a number of different professional services to customers all over the world. Our primary focus is on application life-cycle, DevOps and automation. 

Our Services

Consulting Services

We provide several kinds of highly professional consulting services.

We are experts in DevOps, containers, OpenEdge application lifecycle management, automation, deployment processing and much more. 

Support Services

We provide professional support and remote consulting services.


Support is available for direct customers and for customers of our partners.

We provide tech support for Roundtable TSMS customers in EMEA. 

appSolute Knowledge

Coming soon! 
Online courses to build team knowledge with Docker and containers, OpenEdge tools and technologies, CI/CD, Rancher and kubernetes and much more.


Our online course platform will be launching in Q4 2021. Pre-order to register your interest!    

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